Empowering Homes: Volt Solar Energy's Eco-Friendly Mission

Empowering Homes: Volt Solar Energy's Eco-Friendly Mission

Solar energy is the promise of a brighter, cleaner future, and Volt Solar Energy is here to deliver on that promise. Starting in South America in 2016, this young and vibrant company ventured into the United States in 2019 and found its home in Miami, Florida. They recognized that the solar services being provided across the state were far from satisfying.

Volt Solar Energy not only raises the bar in service quality but also exceeds national standards in engineering, making them a well-received addition to the American landscape.

Volt Solar Energy is now proudly American, dedicated to environmental sustainability, and obsessed with delivering top-notch service to customers, homeowners considering solar energy as a way to power their homes. Customer satisfaction is their top priority, and their track record, boasting a stellar 4.9-star rating on Google, speaks for itself.

“Our success isn’t measured solely in financial gains; it’s also about the positive impact we have on people’s lives.” Sergio Bruna, the newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer at Volt Solar Energy, explains.

When asked about their business, they proudly declare themselves as the most efficient and reliable solar company in South Florida.

The solar industry is the planet’s fastest-growing industry. Volt Solar Energy was motivated to make a difference by providing a trustworthy and affordable option for homeowners looking to break free from utility companies’ monopoly.

But what sets Volt Solar Energy apart isn’t just their efficiency and reliability. It’s their commitment to their internal sales team and affiliates, who play a crucial role in driving the solar revolution. Recognizing that many solar companies operate inefficiently, resulting in unsatisfied customers and frustrated salespeople, Volt Solar Energy created an environment where sales professionals can thrive. They invest heavily in their sales force’s preparation, training, and education, ensuring that projects are installed efficiently and salespeople are paid promptly.

Volt Solar Energy’s plans for the future are as bright as the sun they harness for energy. They aim to expand to Northern Florida and Texas in 2024 while building a robust internal team called “VOLT Direct.” In addition to their main office in Brickell, they’ve opened “The Bunker” in Doral, focusing on sales training and development.

Volt Solar Energy’s commitment to efficiency, honesty, speed, and reliability differentiates them in the industry.

“Solar energy has the power to transform the environment for the better, and I’m passionate about driving this change through Volt Solar Energy.” Sergio shares.

Volt Solar Energy is undoubtedly the best choice for homeowners and sales professionals looking to join the world’s fastest-growing industry. They offer programs that allow homeowners to adopt solar energy without any upfront costs. Once the system is installed, customers benefit from lower and fixed electricity bills, adding value to their property while positively impacting the planet.

Volt Solar Energy is the leading solar installer in Florida. Reach out to them here and be part of the solar revolution.