Embr is a Solar Energy Project That is Making Solar Power More Accessible To People Across the United States: Learn More

Embr is a Solar Energy Project That is Making Solar Power More Accessible To People Across the United States: Learn More

For some years now, people have become aware of the importance of taking care of our environment. Since then, people have been collaborating to address climate change in ways that not only improve the environment but also bring many benefits for all species that inhabit the planet we call home.

To achieve this change it is necessary to use the so-called renewable natural energies and leave aside the non-renewable natural energies such as coal and fossil fuels.

Bryson Mummert is the founder and CEO of Embr, a solar energy project, platform, and sales system management company. It currently operates in 23 states, including California, Texas, Florida, and Utah. 

“I created Embr as a way to provide solar power to every home.” Bryson shares.

There are nations that have focused on having all the energy used within their territory come from the use of renewable natural resources such as sunlight, water, and wind. And there are companies that can make these resources available to people, such as Embr.

Since its inception, Embr had a network of regional distributors in Fresno, California, and little by little they have been growing into what they are today: covering 23 states. They managed to expand even in 2020 in the midst of the COVID crisis, growing their team to open a remote sales division.

Bryson is always attentive to the market and realized the opportunity to get involved with solar energy projects and without thinking twice he took the risk and it has given him many benefits.

The solar money made sense and the opportunity is incredible. What used to be relevant in a few states or utilities has grown into a massive opportunity in 50 states. I saw an opportunity to not only make a good income for me and my family but also to create unlimited opportunities for others. I am passionate about creating employment opportunities that do more than just pay the bills – they offer financial freedom.” Bryson explains.

There are times when people believe that obstacles come from outside sources when in reality they may come from within the person because of believing that what they have always seen in their family members is the way to go and so they bottle up their dreams and inspirations. 

I struggled for years with one foot in my business and one foot out because I was bound to believe that the path to success was to get a college degree and work my way up the chain. Once I got past that I was able to devote my energies to my passion instead of delaying my own happiness to appease others (or what I thought I was supposed to do).” Bryson comments.

Now that Bryson is doing what he is passionate about, he can also ensure that his business runs smoothly. Part of doing that is focusing on customer service, which is always one of the most important things in any business as without customers the business stagnates.

No one in the solar business looks out for the customer and makes sure the sales process is a pleasant experience like we do. We often get referrals from our customers, which is unheard of in this industry. Having that high-touch customer experience means a lot to our customers.” Bryson states.

Looking ahead, Bryson is looking for his company Embr to be able to expand into new geographic regions in order to provide future clients with a sustainable funding opportunity while creating a proprietary platform that is built for scale.

We want to expand our service offering to increase revenue in unique ways that none of our competitors have considered. In short, our mission is to create a nation that runs on smart, affordable energy for generations.” He adds.

Learn more about Bryson and Embr here.