El Brunch Online Is The Successful & Creative Podcast That Everybody Needs to Hear In Order To Get Motivated & Inspired. Learn More Here!

El Brunch Online Is The Successful & Creative Podcast That Everybody Needs to Hear In Order To Get Motivated & Inspired. Learn More Here!

Chris Pinilla, also known as Mr  Chris Hypnotyc, is quite an amazing businessman and entrepreneur. He is a latino immigrant who came to the United States at the age of 11 with the dream of helping others and being successful! Chris went from living in a room to becoming a homeowner and running a very successful marketing firm, where he works with the biggest artist. What’s more, he is also a top radio personality. 

Year after year Chris is invited to The Billboards and Grammys Awards for his great positive impact on society. In 2022 he launched his podcast, “El Brunch Online”, where he brings to light many stories of successful people who had experienced hard moments but managed to overcome it and succeed in today’s world.

“I created El Brunch Online to motivate young kings and queens to go for their dreams. My mission is to inspire people to go for their goals and show them that their past does not define their future”, Chris explains.

Chris was inspired to get into this industry by the love he had for music and for helping people. He knows firsthand that having a difficult past shouldn’t stop anyone from having a successful future. No one should ever let the events of their past limit their future, and that’s precisely what Chris teaches through each of his podcast episodes!

Giving back to his community is also extremely important to Chris. That is why he visited 6+ high schools in Montgomery county for Hispanic Heritage Month, including Quince Orchard high school where he graduated to bring positive messages with his Energía Tour! 

Chris has also worked with different counties collaborating on education and cultural habits, and his work was recognized by the Montgomery County, Prince George County Maryland and Washington DC Ministry of Communication.

But that is not all! He works selflessly and tirelessly for the Latino community day after day to make sure everyone has equal opportunities and can be successful, no matter what their dream is. The truth is that the positive impact that Chris and his many projects are having on society is incredible and that is part of why his success is growing day after day.

But of course, not everything has been easy on his path. Chris has faced numerous obstacles just as every successful entrepreneur, the most difficult one being finding his identity and becoming more secure of himself. He was able to overcome this challenge by working hard, trying trial and error and understanding that his work is helping to improve the lives of hundreds of people around the world. 

I don’t care about being an icon, I want to be an inspiration. Remember, it is not about following someone else’s path, it is about going where there is no path and leaving your own mark””, Chris adds.

Without a doubt, El Brunch Online is one of the most viral and influential podcasts in Spanish. Chris always has the most special guests, successful artists and entrepreneurs, and invites them to share their experience with all listeners and motivate them to follow their dreams. Undoubtedly, this is the podcast everyone needs to hear to get inspired and pursue their goals!

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