‘DynaSets’, SingularityDAO’s world leading crypto management tool, has officially launched with a 2 week contribution window

‘DynaSets’, SingularityDAO’s world leading crypto management tool, has officially launched with a 2 week contribution window

October 17, 2022: SingularityDAO, an organisation creating top-tier trading tools for everyday people, has just announced the official launch of its crypto trading tool ‘DynaSets’. The launch follows an extremely successful beta period, which saw its Bitcoin and Ethereum products generate growth in holdings of the underlying assets by 61% and 111% respectively.

DynaSets are baskets of crypto tokens dynamically managed using advanced data-science based signals, indicators and in-house AI, that can monitor market sentiment, economic events, politics and other influencing factors to execute trades.

“This is an exciting period for both SingularityDAO and the crypto community. DynBTC and DynETH have gone through multiple rounds of rigorous testing and we’re confident that they’re ready to be used by a wide audience,” said Marcello Mari, CEO of SingularityDao.

The official launch of DynBTC and DynETH will be accompanied by a new DynaSet entering open-beta testing. The ‘Leveraged DynaSet’, dynDYDX, will deposit users’ funds on the dYdX exchange, borrowing money from the broker to trade with. 

Along with the DynaSets launch, SingularityDAO will be launching new branding and an improved user interface. 

“The crypto market is volatile and difficult for participants to navigate. They need tools to assist their decision making, but reliable portfolio management tools are only accessible to the wealthy and institutions. DynBTC and DynETH have proven successful and our new Leveraged DynaSet is the next step in our mission,” added Marcello Mari, CEO of SingularityDao.

Users will have a two week window to contribute to all three DynaSets before they start trading. The contribution window opens on the 11th October at 12pm UTC and closes on the 25th October at 12pm UTC. To take part, a minimum of $500 is required. Interested parties can learn more here.

About SingularityDAOSingularityDAO is bringing world leading DeFi portfolio management tools to the crypto space, but without the barriers that prevent the masses from participating. SingularityDAO also has access to the full breadth of knowledge and experience offered by SingularityNET, which within their own team of 100+ people includes numerous world famous AI scientists, including their CEO Ben Goertzel. SingularityDAO has all the pieces in place to change the face of DeFi and Cryptocurrency forever and an ethos that guides them towards inclusion for all on their road to creating a beneficial singularity. For more information visit www.singularitydao.ai.