Dolly Cardona is a Colombian Actress Based in New York City Who Has the Preparation and Technique It Takes To Succeed in Acting

Dolly Cardona is a Colombian Actress Based in New York City Who Has the Preparation and Technique It Takes To Succeed in Acting

Dolly Cardona is a Colombian actress based in New York City. She has been motivated for the so-called seventh art (acting) since she was a child. Currently, she stars in the film production “Victima de sus Amores,” which recently premiered in New York City. 

“Victima de sus Amores is a film that tells the story about what is behind women who are singled out as inappropriate. In the movie, Dolly plays scenes that show physical and psychological mistreatment of women.

Since I was a child I always had in my blood my artistic side. In school, I wanted to be in plays and when I was young that was my dream to be an actress and to interpret. To this day, I have never abandoned it. Acting gives me life. Being on set in front of the camera gives me happiness. That’s how I feel. I simply love cinema.” Dolly shares.

Soon after high school, Dolly started attending numerous intensive workshops with big names in the film industry like casting director Juan Pablo Rincon, Juan Pablo Felix, and Babel Estudio, as well as learning the Meisner technique with Alejandro Aguilar. 

All the preparation that Dolly has had throughout her career in film, including attending the prestigious “Taller de actuacion Caja de Herramientas Alfonso Ortiz” in Colombia and NYCLatinMedia in New York City, has allowed her to play important roles in different productions for the big screen and also for digital platforms. 

She has participated in “Shine”, “Amorfoda”, “Mia”, “The Lie of the American Dream” for Amazon Prime, among other short films shot in NYC and other productions for Netflix that are in post-production such as “Mike Tyson Life” and “Cob Collaway Life.”

On top of these roles, Dolly can also be found starring in the film production “Victima de sus Amores,” which premiered on May 17 at the prestigious ACM Theater in New York City.

Besides her acting career, Dolly also runs Dolly Palace, through which she sells hair and nail growth products, as well as other beauty products. In addition, she also runs Dolly Luxury Wear

When reflecting about the necessary skills and qualities to thrive in the acting world, Dolly highlights the importance of having a positive mindset to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

I feel that in the acting industry, mindset plays a very important role because you have to be strong and not let yourself fall apart when you are told no in a casting. Do not take anything personally and trust in your abilities 200%. Be confident and constant.” Dolly advises.

One of the biggest obstacles Dolly has faced and overcome in her professional career has been the fact of not having a manager or acting representative. Managers play an important role for actors as they are the people who have the contacts and help or recommend actors to filmmakers.

I have managed to get very important roles in good productions through online casting and talent agencies. I have had very good mentors but now I am open and looking for an acting agent.” Dolly adds.

In a highly competitive industry, Dolly thinks that there is no competition for her because she focuses every day on being better. Winning or getting a role is not completely in the actor’s hands since it may depend on the characteristics a director is looking for. This is important to keep in mind as actors often audition hundreds of times without results.

In the future, Dolly will continue to knock on doors towards the next big film production and opportunity that will take her to a new professional level. She is looking for acting agents and more roles. 

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