Diva ByMe, Created By Sofia Salomon, Is A Clothing Brand That Is Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry

 Diva ByMe, Created By Sofia Salomon, Is A Clothing Brand That Is Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry

Sofia Salomon is quite an amazing model, businesswoman and entrepreneur. She was Miss International Queen Venezuela 2022, a contest where she represented her country in a magnificent way, and where she was in the top 6 as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

But that’s not all! Sofia is also the CEO and founder of Diva byMe, a clothing brand designated for all women who are fashion fans and who like to transmit confidence through clothes, colors and trends. For Sofia, fashion is a language and with her brand she has the goal to help many women find their style through elegant and trending garments.

“Since I was a child I have liked fashion. I don’t just like to look good, but to help others feel comfortable when they see themselves in a mirror. That was how the idea of creating my own clothing brand was born. Diva byMe is a dream come true!”, Sofia explains.

The brand was created in 2021. Right after the pandemic, Sofia wanted to materialize her dream and she worked very hard to achieve it. But of course, the process wasn’t easy at all. She had to deal with fear and uncertainty, as well as with rejection from some people. But none of this stopped her, quite the opposite! The criticisms prompted Sofia to continue working and, as she explains, people who previously rejected her now admire her!

“For me, success is feeling happy with what I do. Success is also being able to help people through my knowledge, my style, my history and my desire to move forward”, she adds.

After her participation in one of the most recognized beauty contests in the world, Sofia reached a large audience on her social networks and that motivated her to work even harder. She knows that, as a public figure, she has the responsibility to inspire society and set an example, and that is what she works on every day.

Diva byMe was created thinking of the contemporary woman, dreamer and with a great desire to improve herself. Each of their clothes carries the essence and good taste of Sofia. The truth is that dressing well is an art. Looking your best makes you feel your best. It helps you gain the attention and respect of those around you, and ultimately can help you achieve the life you’ve always wanted, and that is the main goal of Sofia and her clothing brand!

“Each human being is unique, there may be similarities, but the essence is something that we all have and no two are the same. My essence is embodied in my business, in my work and in my life”, she details.

Without a doubt, Sofia‘s story has been full of challenges, obstacles and difficult moments. But it has also been full of joy and hope, just like life. She has known how to overcome all the obstacles that  life has thrown her way with hard work and a lot of faith.

“Follow your heart, there are endless opportunities, you just need to take that step, go for it! And try, as many times as necessary, only you can achieve your dreams”, Sofia advises.

She plans to continue positively impacting the lives of many people through her story and through her clothing brand, which is nationally recognized as a stylish, on-trend, and high-quality brand.

To find out more about Sofia, follow her on Instagram here and check out Diva byMe’s Instagram profile here.