Detective Daniel Gómez: After Discovering His Fiancée Was Cheating, He Used His Detective Skills to Solve This. Now He Helps Others in This Situation

Detective Daniel Gómez: After Discovering His Fiancée Was Cheating, He Used His Detective Skills to Solve This. Now He Helps Others in This Situation

Detective Gómez has a unique story. He worked in law enforcement for many years, then took all his knowledge and changed his career to help others at home. With his experience as a detective, he opened his private detective agency in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas metroplex. 

Then, after a few successful years in business he got an offer to star as a lead detective of a very popular show dealing with infidelity investigations. It turned out to be a hit show, still seen in the world of syndication. 

This company offers a wide variety of services including corporate investigations, background checks and surveillance, as well as private investigations like the surveillance of a loved one, and even counseling on the uses of tracking devices.

In all his years of service, he has always been able to help the entirety of his clients. His company offers confidential and reliable services that can adapt to the clients’ needs. Additionally, his team is available to consult with prospective customers or clients via phone, email, Zoom, in person, in their office, and in person outside of the office.

The reasons for Daniel to start his business are very, very personal since he experienced it himself. He was in the position where he knew his partner was cheating on him and was not sure how to confront her. Thankfully, due to his years of experience in surveillance and his time doing the detective TV show, he knew how to act and end such a horrible situation.

Now, he wants to help others to ease this process as well. “It became my mission in life to help those who do not know how to help themselves with the turmoil and emotional upheaval that they are experiencing in their lives. Having witnessed the pain of infidelity and untruths in a relationship, I want to help others put their minds at ease and take control of their lives, during a seemingly uncontrollable period of time.  My services always include confidentiality and anonymity, which is greatly appreciated by my clients. There are no worries that the family’s intimate secrets will be aired in public”, shares Daniel.

You can check out all his services and know more about his investigations and clients’ testimonials here. Now, after creating an impeccable reputation in his area, he is launching the Infidelity MasterClass, where he’s compiled his experience into instruction that can be completed at the user’s own pace. People who enroll in this instruction will also have lifetime access to step-by-step video training, instructions on how to conduct your own investigation, a private 1-on-1 session, and exclusive access to a private Facebook support group. Learn more and enroll right here.

Daniel also plans to continue his Youtube channel, where he shows a day in the life of a private detective, including interviews and real life videos of surveillance tactics and situations. For the future, Daniel wants to produce a television show, highlighting some of his most interesting cases. To him, the sky’s the limit. He started with law enforcement, became a real-life private detective and then became a TV detective.

You can follow Detective Gomez on Instagram here or listen to his podcast, Beyond Cheaters: Detective Gomez Files here