David Cohen is the Commercial Real Estate Broker Specialized in Off-Market Sales Who Manages Cohen Company

David Cohen is the Commercial Real Estate Broker Specialized in Off-Market Sales Who Manages Cohen Company

David Cohen is a commercial real estate broker who currently specializes in brokering off-market sales of large multi-family apartment buildings and operates in every state in the United States. He has brokered deals in excess of $132 million. 

Buyers come to us for the best deals in their markets and sellers come to us for straightforward, headache-free sales.” David says.

David’s management firm, Cohen Company, offers the following services among others: 1) Buyer Acquisitions: Through the use of their extended relationship networks, they provide their clients with solid on and off-market inventory. 

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a long-time sophisticated investor, we are prepared to become a seamless extension of your financial objectives.” David states.

2) Dispositions Sellers: David helps sellers identify key strategies for marketing positioning for their assets. His team helps maximize returns by providing transparent marketing and full cooperation within the brokerage community. 

What inspired him to work in the commercial real estate industry is basically the fact that this business is more about numbers and less about emotions and the people you deal with are more sophisticated and obviously because of the amount of money such a job can provide 

“I’ve always had a passion for real estate and come from a real estate family. My grandmother and uncle are residential real estate agents, and my mother a loan officer. But after a few years trying to sell houses, I realized I didn’t have a passion for it. I felt I was meant for something much bigger so after working for my uncle for many years I decided to seek a career in commercial real estate.” David shares.

What sets David apart from other realtors is that he specializes in transactions involving over 100 units off-market. In addition, he is very calculative in the application of his approach.

“We source the deals ourselves and connect them with the best buyer we deem suitable to get a deal from our client base. Ninety percent of our client base always offers all cash and we get headache free deals.” David explains. 

In terms of David’s credentials, it is just necessary to look at his previous commercial real estate brokerage, where he became number 1 out of 186,000 agents twice. At that time he was not even 30 years old.

I currently hold the record for the largest sale transaction in the history of the company (Keller Williams), which was a 271 unit apartment building in San Jose CA $132,250,000.” David adds.

The biggest obstacle David has faced and been able to overcome was being able to belong to the elite brokers in the commercial real estate industry. This was hard for him to do given there are only a few people who can sell large assets off-market.

I have created a lane for myself and a business model that works, therefore, allowing me to be able to do deals alongside some of the biggest brokers I grew up admiring.” David comments.

Among the many projects that David is working on this year are numerous new deals, a YouTube channel, a podcast, and a few more surprises. Learn more by clicking here.