Damian Mikal, Also Known as DTheAutoPlug, is a Businessman and Entrepreneur Who Wants To Change the Lives of Many Through Auto Sales

Damian Mikal, Also Known as DTheAutoPlug, is a Businessman and Entrepreneur Who Wants To Change the Lives of Many Through Auto Sales

Damian Mikal, also known as DTheAutoPlug, is a businessman and entrepreneur who through his passion for vehicles wants to do his part to change the lives of many others. 

Damian runs a luxury auto sales business, working in the automotive industry, which has been his passion for a long time. But he is not just a regular auto businessman, he also helps people with challenged credit get vehicles.

DTheAutoPlug educated himself to become one of the world’s top sales professionals, and is on his path to do more than 1 million dollars in gross profit in less than 6 months in the business in Atlanta. He has also built a strong book of business that consists of dozens of athletes and celebrities.

“A passion for auto sales and helping people is what motivated me to get started in the business.” Damian says, and adds, “the biggest challenge when starting a business is getting your name out there and establishing credibility in the industry.”

Now with experience under his belt, Damian understands that mindset is everything when starting a business. He also believes in manifestation and speaking things into existence.

Despite operating in such a competitive market, Damian manages to stand out from his competitors due to his authenticity, commitment to excellence, consistency, and his immense ability to connect with all types of people and environments.

The gratitude I feel for the people who give me the opportunity to earn their business is what sets me apart from the competition.” Damian states.

For many entrepreneurs, the emergence of COVID has been the greatest obstacle they have had to overcome. For Damian, this was also the case. 

“The biggest obstacle I have overcome in my career has been getting through the pandemic and continuing to grow my business portfolio while keeping all the customers safe.” He explains.

Moving forward, he continues to work to achieve success, which for him is being the best version of himself and maximizing his potential. His plans for the future include becoming the #1 provider in the USA for auto sales.

Furthermore, as a teenager, Damian went down the road where bad decisions lead to undesirable situations and it is because of those experiences that he now has as an upcoming project to create a non-profit organization for released felons that will be named G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R. It is an acronym for: Genius advancing new generations systematically through educational resources. 

I took my life from negative to positive and did it all while self-educating. I love giving back to at-risk youth because I was one of them. I plan to help individuals who were convicted of felonies at a young age turn their lives around and develop skill sets to succeed in the automotive industry.” 

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