Contemporary Artist Flavio Galvan Passionately Pursues Lifelong Dreams

Contemporary Artist Flavio Galvan Passionately Pursues Lifelong Dreams

Flavio Galvan is a contemporary painter pursuing his dream to improve the lives of others through art. He has worked tirelessly as an independent artist for over 30 years, fueled by his desire to bring more beauty to the world, help kids with health and emotional challenges and gain recognition with galleries, museums and private collectors. His passion and extraordinary talent continue to inspire his over 1 million Instagram followers.

Great talent is often forged in the crucible of difficulty. Born and raised in Argentina, Flavio’s childhood was often difficult and sometimes fraught with sadness and the crippling anxiety of poverty. Still, he was a gifted child with boundless energy. He was a natural athlete, artist, performer and dancer who seemed to excel in everything he put his mind and hand to. During his college years he began to pursue a career in medicine, then architecture and finally graphic design. Each pursuit was interrupted by financial difficulty. It was one of his architecture professors who astutely noticed Flavio’s artistic skills and encouraged him to paint. Thus began his pursuit of a life and career in the world of art. “When I discovered my talent and passion for creating art, I began to see that, if I was disciplined and worked hard, I could make a living as an artist,” remembers Flavio.

Flavio painted prolifically and began showing his work in museums and galleries in his native Argentina, and a strong following developed. Soon he opened Galvan Art Gallery where he exhibited and sold his work and created commissions for private clients. He expanded his work to include sculpture and sandblasted glass murals for commercial clients while working in collaboration with top architects. Various travel abroad by way of student visas opened the door to a new and more expansive life in the United States. “During this very difficult time of transition I survived a traumatic brain injury, the loss of both of my parents at ages 60 and 70 and countless financial and professional setbacks that really challenged my resolve. Still, I persisted and worked hard to keep my dream alive,” stated Flavio. The dream to immigrate to America came true in 2010 when through unyielding determination, vision and sacrifice, his immigration and relocation to Florida became a reality.

Flavio’s current body of contemporary work has been described as energetic, sophisticated and forward-focused. His contemporary paintings and drawings lure you into a magnificent world of color, texture and form. His work seeks to connect the observer to a deeper engagement with the vast landscape of the human experience. His masterful expressions in oil, acrylic and texture create an exuberant dance that tangoes through his formative years in Argentina then on to his life as a celebrated American painter. His work is influenced not only by his own experience and values but also by his desire to speak to current world events. Flavio created the powerful comic-inspired series “Working Heroes” to honor healthcare workers and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. His powerfully spare line drawing series “Minimal Ink” sits in elegant contrast with the more heavily textured and layered abstracts of his forthcoming series, “The Texture of Time.”

Flavio’s work is represented by fine art galleries in the United States and Canada. His working studio in Florida serves as a hub to present his artwork to new galleries, collectors, curators and private sponsors. He has several new and diverse series in development and accepts private and corporate commissions from the likes of Amazon, Edward Jones, The Cleveland Clinic and more. Several series, such as the Working Heroes, afforded him numerous interviews and appearances on television and radio in both the United States and his native Argentina. “I am currently in the process of expanding my association with architects and interior designers and am seeking representation in Dubai, Tokyo, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, Austin, Chicago and Los Angeles,” Flavio adds.

“My advice to people starting their business or brand is to never stop believing in your dreams and to never stop working. I work almost every day but I truly love what I do so just keep going. My goals are to have my work represented around the world, to build a sustainable following and to continue to develop my Flavio Galvan brand. I would love to expand into the fashion and athleisure arenas,” Flavio explains. “Ultimately, the desire of my heart is that my career will one day help me create even bigger ways to heal and support young people in need, particularly kids fighting cancer and those on the Autism spectrum or with Down syndrome.”

To learn more about Flavio Galvan, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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