Colombia’s Best Smiles by Sergio Cuellar: Know His Personal Story to Fund His Own Dental Clinic 

Colombia’s Best Smiles by Sergio Cuellar: Know His Personal Story to Fund His Own Dental Clinic 

Sergio Cuellar is a Colombian doctor who runs his own dental clinic. Based in Bogotá, Sergio works to provide the best smiles to all his patients. Ever since he knew he wanted to be a dentist, he had the dream of having his own dental clinic, completely integral, where patients have all treatment. With hard work, he made his dream a reality.

To Sergio the biggest challenge for his clinic is to buy the equipment and stay up to date with all the technological advances going on, something they do every 6 months. This allows them to offer all dental treatments existent.

He offers smile design plans to US citizens who wish to travel to Colombia to have the smile of their dreams. These plans include the design of the smile in resin or porcelain, internal transportation and staying in one of the best hotels in the city of Bogotá. Patients can also choose the material, color and shape of the teeth. 

The best part is that the price is more affordable than what it would be in the US. His business model has caught the attention of many patients from all parts of the world apart from the US like Dubai, Canada, Australia and others.

Working towards his dream started 10 years ago when he began his studies. But in his journey, Sergio has been involved in other areas as well. To have his initial investment for his clinic, he has invested in properties, in laboratorios, and goods sold. It has been his way to diversify his business and guarantee profitability.

He actually faced tough times emotionally and financially. When his mother was kidnaped, he faced his biggest fear: losing a beloved person from his life. His family had to pay for a ransom and fortunately, got her mother back. This left them without their savings and in a starting position economically speaking. But it wasn’t a starting position regarding experience and knowledge. Sergio managed to move forward and continue to work for his goals.  

To him, “success is only the sum of efforts and results obtained due to good work done. Any business that starts from scratch and has consistency to grow will be a successful business. This is why I believe one shouldn’t invest in a business where you don’t have the knowledge. Having the knowledge will let you add to your business and guarantee its growth.”

To him, the right mindset is key when building your own projects and businesses. He’s always thought that he could have the best dental clinic, serving as a type of fuel to keep him going during the difficult times.

Finally, he sees himself just like another person,but one that works hard towards his dream. “I don’t consider myself as a competition to anytone; the sun rises equally to all human beings.”

He now has different sites in other cities in Colombia. In the future, Sergio wants to expand his business by opening more dental clinics, not only in Colombia but in other countries as well. His next plans are to do so in Europe.