Chimp Fight is Creating a New World for NFT Lovers, Dystopian Enthusiasts, and Artists. Find Out More Below.

Chimp Fight is Creating a New World for NFT Lovers, Dystopian Enthusiasts, and Artists. Find Out More Below.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have completely rocked the world. Whether it is taking the stock market by storm or creating a new space for artists and imagery, they have become the center of attention for many people. Chimp Fight is no different. A group of entrepreneurs who came together, Chimp Fight was created specifically around the potential power of the NFT.

“We are a group of traders, developers, and entrepreneurs that met in 2017 during the first ICO boom, although the artist and our executive director have been long time friends for decades. We all came together and formed this company because we saw great potential in the NFT space, particularly for gaming, and we wanted to add value to the space with awesome high definition games (including virtual reality) that are fun and addictive to play but also allow users to earn tokens and use them to fully customize their NFTs as in-game avatars to suit their gaming style,” The Creators of Chimp Fight explain.

However, they didn’t stop there. The creators of Chimp Fight wanted to create something more that is an expansion of their original idea and decided to take it to the next level by developing a fantasy dystopian lore.

“We are creating a fantasy-dystopian lore that is not only for Chimp Fight and the games for our users, but for the expansion of the world that Chimp Fight is introducing to gaming, crypto, and NFT markets all at once,” The Creators of Chimp Fight detail.

For the people at Chimp Fight, the NFT world is one that combines their interests all under one roof and provides a space for people to follow their passions and truly be creative. However, they wanted to take advantage of good markets at the same time while avoiding common traps of popular trends like crypto.

“We have all witnessed multiple cycles in the crypto space, which is largely driven by hype and false promises, so we wanted to create products that could provide not just value generation opportunities with digital artwork and a token for investors but also a fully immersive story that is expansive by nature and offers unique experiences for users, gamers, and investors alike,” Fight Chimp Creators explain.

Additionally, they truly believe that they are building something for everyone and a space where people can express themselves. They state what they see as their mission below: 

“We are building something for everyone — digital art collectors, investors, gamers, quality fantasy/lore story seekers, and traders. You get a little bit of everything offered in the NFT/crypto space with Chimp Fight (and our other work to come), and can choose how involved you want to be whether that be simply holding digital art in your wallet, gaming with friends, participating in community events and tournaments, offering feedback to our game and back-end development team for updates and new integrations into the user experience, taking the top of our leaderboards and hoarding as much NANA as you can, showing off your PFPs to the world on social media, and much more.”

Chimp Fight is not slowing down anytime soon. They are introducing this post-apocalyptic world that humans have created with their greed and appetite for destruction, as a rather compelling parallel to our current state in the world. To find out more about Chimp Fight, follow them on discord here, twitter here, and check out their website here.