Check Out Bless Handmade Style and the Luxurious Garments They Offer For Women: With Each Thread, They Tell a Story

Check Out Bless Handmade Style and the Luxurious Garments They Offer For Women: With Each Thread, They Tell a Story

Bless Handmade Style is more than a garment. It is a luxury experience created around a family tradition where the passion for art, fashion, and luxury craftsmanship is the starting point.

This family passion serves as an inspiration to materialize the most beautiful garments sold through Bless. With each thread, the creators tell a story using exclusive, glamorous and luxury trends that enhance the figure of women making it unique and fascinating.

Bless Handmade Style was created in 2017 under the inspiration of natural fibers which give value to the threads that make up the garments that everyone wears. The garments are created to enhance and exalt the inner and outer beauty as an icon of boho-chic fashion. 

We create, design, and market our own designs. We are inspired by versatility, elegance, exclusivity, and authenticity. We focus on generating memorable experiences for our customers when they are wearing our creations.” The team at Bless shares.

Bless Handmade Style was born out of the desire to provide excellent quality apparel for beautiful women. The designers behind Bless want to capture their love for the art of fashion through the versatility provided by the threads they use.

The biggest obstacle in the career of Bless came when thanks to the success and acceptance they quickly obtained, they started to scale and expand internationally. This was very rewarding but also challenging since they had to create new alliances abroad, which ended up exceeding their expectations.

“This expansion made us a much more prominent brand in the market, which also led to more ambitious projects and goals, and therefore the whole team grew integrally.” The team explains.

Bless Handmade Style manages to differentiate itself from its competitors because they create art through each of their garments, listening to what women’s hearts desire, becoming the perfect brand for their unimaginable desires.

Instead of just focusing on having each item look pretty, Bless Handmade Style ensures each item tells a comprehensive story that can connect and engage the women that use it.

We are a brand that wants to contribute to the social fabric and to women through handmade fabrics. We will continue to weave from generation to generation enacting change and social impact.” The team states.  

The future for Bless Handmade Style looks inspiring and promises many successes based on their continuous love for art and creativity without limits, which they express in each thread of their work.

The goal of Bless is to exalt women, their values and attributes, through simple but impactful garments. Learn more about Bless Handmade Style and see their collections here.