Carmen Pina is a Spanish Businesswoman and Influencer, Known For Her Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice on Social Media

Carmen Pina is a Spanish Businesswoman and Influencer, Known For Her Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice on Social Media

Carmen Pina is a businesswoman and influencer from Madrid, Spain. She manages multiple businesses alongside her career as an influencer on social media, where she shares information on nutrition, sports and self care.

Carmen studied management and business creation with a focus on commercial and marketing management, and also studied nutrition and dietetics. Through her Instagram, she wants to help people lead a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to being an entrepreneur and influencer, Carmen has been dedicated to horseback riding for more than 16 years. She has participated in a variety of dressage competitions.

“I started to manage small business ventures about three years ago when I decided I wanted to be my own boss. After an uncomfortable experience at my full-time job in 2021, I decided to take a leap of faith, leave my job and dedicate myself 100% to my own business.” Carmen shares.

At the beginning, Carmen faced some difficult moments like any other entrepreneur.

It was very complicated because just when I decided to take this step my horse got very sick and had to be hospitalized with the expense that this entailed. The first months were a lot of work and very little profit, but with perseverance, we managed to start having a lot of clients and to be better and better economically.” Carmen says.

The hardest obstacle Carmen has had to overcome in her life was not business-related, but instead about her mental health, since she had an eating disorder when she was just a teenager.

I counted all the calories I ate. I weighed everything I ate. I weighed myself several times a day to keep my weight under control. If I ate something that was not lettuce, I calculated the calories and I started to do sports until I had burned the calories I had eaten.” Carmen recounts.

This situation took her from 63 kilos to 45 kilos in a matter of 2 months, and it was reinforced by a toxic relationship where she was mistreated. Today, Carmen has a healthy relationship with food: she enjoys eating, she doesn’t think about how many calories she eats, she does sports in a healthy and non-obsessive way, and she seeks to look good rather than be a certain weight. 

To anyone who is going through a similar situation I would recommend that they seek psychological help and not be ashamed.” Carmen states.

These kinds of life experiences make Carmen stand out from other influencers. Another obstacle she managed to overcome was when she had a pretty bad fall when she was riding and was knocked unconscious. This experience marked her a lot as a professional rider since it gave her a very big phobia of fences. 

This marked me as a professional rider since it gave me fear of fences. Today, it is a phobia that I have worked on a lot and I no longer mind riding in arenas with high fences (something that was an obstacle for competition at the beginning, since you can have to compete in an arena with high fences).” She says.

As an influencer, she manages to differentiate herself from others due to the originality of her work. She provides content that adds value to her followers–she posts not only product recommendations that have worked for her but also healthy lifestyle tips. 

In our business our main point of differentiation is that we give a personal treatment to each client, adapting to the specific needs that each client has.” Carmen adds. 

The team is always looking to provide the best quality services. Their customers are always very satisfied with their results and want to continue working with Carmen and her team.

“When entrepreneurs start a business, they will face unknown situations, so it is essential that they have an entrepreneurial mindset that allows them to take on the different challenges that arise along the way. Entrepreneurship is often portrayed as something very beautiful and an easy and quick way to earn money. But despite the fact that entrepreneurship is an incredible experience and can give you the life you have always dreamed of, the path to success is not easy and you have to be very constant.” Carmen advises.

Carmen believes that having a winning mindset is essential when developing a business. It is necessary to have a clear purpose and create a value proposal to offer to the clients.  

In the near future, Carmen is focusing on expanding her business and giving the best services possible to her clients. She also wants to compete with her horse again in a different category from before, and is planning a long trip with her partner to visit many orphanages in the world to help children and the most vulnerable with food and clothing.

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