Bey Moss brings the unique healing power of the ocean to your body through their newest line of products

Bey Moss brings the unique healing power of the ocean to your body through their newest line of products

Entrepreneur Neek Bey always knew that he was destined to change the world. Born to Haitian parents in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Nick “Neek” Bey is a first-generation Haitian and Moorish-American. Growing up, Neek discovered a deep-seated passion for computer programming, landing a summer internship in the IT department of Morgan Stanley that was facilitated by the Development School for Youth. Witnessing the power of programs like the Development School, Neek turned his technological prowess towards empowering other entrepreneurs in underserved communities around the globe. While at the famous HBCU Howard University, Neek worked in partnership with non-profit Gear Up on a project to help farmers in Cameroon by creating a portable, computer-controlled weather station. The weather station helped increase the farmers’ crop yields, while placing technological power back in the hands of their immediate community. 

As Neek shares, “that was the point when I realized just how powerful technology could be for helping those in need. When I got back to the States, I leaned into this inspiration to create my first company: Relevant Systems. The goal of Relevant Systems was to develop and design software pertinent to African and African American culture. It was one of the few 100% minority-owned tech firms in its field, helping serve this unrepresented sector in technological innovation. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, however, and soon began looking to create other successful businesses. That’s when my wife, Charmaine, and I founded a sea moss company called Bey Moss. Bey Moss is now the fastest-growing sea moss company in the industry and has gained the attention of celebrity fans including Lizzo and Torrei Hart!”

As with Relevant Systems and Bey Moss, Neek and his wife believe that when minority-owned businesses are thriving, it will lead to greater investment in underserved communities, while narrowing the equality gap that is still widespread in their society. Neek plans to continue to use his tech skills and entrepreneurial passion to support his community in future ventures, and is actively working to grow the reach of Bey Moss. Neek and Charmaine first stumbled upon the power of sea moss when her mother suffered from kidney failure. Charmaine tapped into her 1M+ social media following to see what solutions there were, and began hearing story after story of the power of this moss and its unique properties. 

“What most inspired me to get into this industry was the passing of my mother & father in-law due to major health concerns. Health and wellness is an incredibly important industry – especially in American culture – and sea moss was one of the most promising, yet untapped solutions out there. Our country’s addiction to overconsumption has created an incredibly unhealthy population, and my wife and I wanted to make a real difference. It feels incredible knowing that we’re helping someone be better and feel better through what they eat, drink, and use on their bodies. As an imminently renewable resource, sea moss has an incredible potential for our bodies’ health and we believe it can truly help Americans’ health for the better!”

Indeed, Neek and Charmaine’s idea seemed so out-there that many traditional investors simply ignored their pitch, forcing Neek to bootstrap the startup process and launch Bey Moss using their family’s own funds. And while Bey Moss took a major hit at the beginning of the pandemic, Neek has since turned the company into a majorly profitable business, with 30+ product lines on the market and more on the way. Moving forward, Neek and Charmaine hope to continue promoting their products through YouTube and social media, while turning more consumers on to the healing potential of Bey Moss. With any luck and a whole lot of grit, Neek Bey is poised to upend the health & wellness industry, while bringing healing power to millions of customers worldwide.

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