Axel Morales Creates SKÜL: New Fast Method to Be Fluent in English

Axel Morales Creates SKÜL: New Fast Method to Be Fluent in English

Axel Morales is the founder of SKÜL-Learning, an enterprise destined to empower Spanish speakers through English lessons and coaching sessions. His services cover many types of people: from individuals looking to improve their language or businesses that want to target their products in international markets.

At 28 years old, Axel is considered one of the most brilliant coaches in Latin America. He is also a digital strategist and a bilingual educator. He is mainly recognized for his English training with the SKÜL method that allows people to be fluent in a few months.

“I decided to burn the books and look for a methodology that made sense to me. Something more applicable, that can bring quick results; I was looking for a method that allowed me to learn without pushing myself to the edge”, comments Axel. This methodology turned out to be the SKÜL method, and now he helps thousands of people to achieve their personal and professional goals with it.

SKÜL’s name came from the pronunciation a non-English speaker would give to the word school. Besides playing with phonetics, every letter has a meaning: S stands for Skills, K for Knowledge, U for Unique and L for life. As a whole, it means that abilities and knowledge will give you a unique life. 

Having this idea in mind, he states that “when a business or a person needs to develop a new ability quickly (upskilling), we offer a customized solution to achieve it”. Additionally, this entrepreneurship takes advantage of the technology available to offer the best service.

The story behind SKÜL is very personal to Axel himself. Many members of his family fled to the United States due to lack of opportunities in Latin America. So, initially, Axel was motivated to create more opportunities in his home country. 

As a young entrepreneur, Axel says that there are 2 ways of standing out in the business world: “The first one is to create something that will change history just like Steve Jobs did, or learn to tell your story the correct way to the correct people”. But that is just the first step of the journey. The next steps relate to the operations, marketing and sales of your service or product. Axel comments you will find mentors that will help and inspire you in your path. Finally, your team will be the one that makes your dream come true.

Besides, there are many things that cannot be controlled, states Axel. “Your mindset is the only thing you can control completely”. This is what pushed him through the difficult times and allowed him to raise a family of 2 daughters while working on his professional projects.

Currently, Axel is creating different alliances with other hispanic leaders in order to have more quality educators in SKÜL that keep positively impacting others. Also, he is writing 2 books, one that works as a pill to learn English with the SKÜL method, and the other one as a step by step manual to gain profits by adding value to the world.

Axel believes he and his business stand out for his perspective, that he has personally proven everything he recommends, and his transparency. To be fluent in English with the groundbreaking SKÜL method by Axel Morales, you can click here