Anthony Baez Runs Permanent Solutions Micropigmentation Where They Offer Hair Loss Solutions: Learn More About His Work

Anthony Baez Runs Permanent Solutions Micropigmentation Where They Offer Hair Loss Solutions: Learn More About His Work

Anthony Baez is an entrepreneur and certified hair loss specialist who runs a barbershop called Xclusiv barber lounge and a scalp micro pigmentation studio called Permanent Solutions Micropigmentation.

Motivated by a desire for personal and professional growth, and being able to help others feel better about themselves by looking better, Anthony started his business at the young age of 15.

When Anthony saw his cousin give haircuts to friends and family, who would feel better about themselves after getting their new hairdo, he decided to be his own boss and start working on his own barber shop.

“When I was 22, I made the decision to work on my own and I opened a small barber shop studio, Xclusiv. I did not want to continue working in barber shops where the owners did not care about the appearance of their business or their customers.” Anthony shares.

In 2015, Anthony also started working as a barber educator for a beauty school and in 2016, he continued to work as a barber educator but this time for one of the leading professional product lines for men called Johnny B Haircare.

Back then I was traveling all over the country to many hair salons and studios to give private lessons. I also did hair shows where I would be teaching on stage, as well as in classroom settings teaching hundreds of other professionals.” Anthony explains.

By 2017 with a baby underway, Anthony decided to invest more in his Xclusiv to expand it and in so doing, increase his income and his capacity to spend time with his family.

When I found out I was having my first child in 2017, I expanded my business at the same location, remodeled and added three more barber chairs. The extra income I made gave me a little more freedom and less worry. I also brought in some barbers. Some left, and some didn’t work out. However, I now have a stable and talented staff that works hard.” Anthony says.

Since 2020, Xclusiv has won first place for the best barbershop in Palm Beach County three years in a row according to the Palm Beach Post. Moreover, when the COVID pandemic hit, Anthony knew it was time to make a change in his career as it had peaked.

That is when Anthony became interested in the scalp micropigmentation and permanent makeup industry. He comments:

I became fascinated with how real and natural looking you can make or enhance someone’s hairline. I mean, no more baldness, no more alopecia, no more horseshoe.” 

After taking two courses with pioneers in the scalp micropigmentation industry in 2020 to learn the trade, Anthony decided to stop working as a barber in his barbershop, although he kept managing the shop on a side, and instead focus entirely on Permanent Solutions Pigmentation

Anthony differentiates himself from his competitors because he always puts himself in the client’s shoes by looking for ways for them to feel their experience was better than in other similar places.

I like to work on any little flaws my business may have and make customers feel the difference the moment they walk in.” Anthony shares.

Similarly, Anthony also manages to stand out because he is a professional who is not satisfied with what he knows and puts into practice, but also likes to improve his knowledge in the industry by attending seminars and educational classes constantly.

This year, Anthony plans to move to a bigger place in order to be able to conduct different courses for people who are interested in joining the scalp micropigmentation industry. 

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