Anna Sofia Racansky Is The Art Broker and Businesswoman Who Is Revolutionizing The Art Industry: Scroll Down For More!

Anna Sofia Racansky Is The Art Broker and Businesswoman Who Is Revolutionizing The Art Industry: Scroll Down For More!

The art world is often perceived as a mysterious place, a distant universe or a way to get rich. It has also been considered by many to be an exclusive and elitist society. However, with the innovation of technology, the internet, and the growth of international art fairs, much progress has been made in demystifying this wonderful and creative world and introducing its many players, including artists, museums, cultural institutions, media, curators, fairs, auction houses, and of course, art galleries.

Art galleries are not just buildings with artworks on display; they are vital to the art world and society. They are an important part of the cultural landscape because they give artists a place to show off their work and bring together people who love art. These spaces have been critical in shaping the evolution of the art world by promoting artistic expression and advancing creativity.

What’s more,  art galleries are exciting spaces for discovering and enjoying new worlds of aesthetics and creativity. Galleries are enriching and integral in advancing global culture to those who visit them.  In that sense, @Racanskagaleria, founded by  Anna Sofia Racansky, is a successful Mexican art gallery that promotes classical art accompanied by digital marketing and business automation with artificial intelligence. The gallery also promotes fine arts and helps children who want to continue their higher education and enjoy mixed programs with neurodiverting people.

“I run an art gallery and in addition to being an art broker, I offer digital marketing services, automation with AI services and accessibility to brands around the world with offices in Miami, Mexico City and soon in Dubai”, Anna explains.

Anna’s beginnings in the business world were in an industry quite different from the current one. She worked on the design of an inclusive clothing brand that was sold throughout Mexico and that came to be sold in more than 250 department stores, including Famsa and Sears, under the name “Mangata”.

But then, the covid-19 pandemic arrived and drastically changed the business model that we all knew. “All the department stores closed, my brand was on stand-by and I needed to find a solution to keep going and continue to be helpful to others”, she shares.

So, in 2020 Anna decided to start her own art gallery because she wanted to stay connected to the world and find a way to support the art community in an effective and sustainable way. Her courage, her passion for what she does and her great expertise have consolidated her today as a leader within the industry!

“We stand out from the crowd due to our passion for the classical arts and our focus on creating sustainable businesses that allow us to continue to support the artistic community effectively and long-term, providing employment and helping them with education in order to promote their creative side”, Anna details.

In addition to their many business successes, Anna and her team members have managed to build three solid businesses in less than six months! In fact,  they remain committed to their values of supporting art and creating even more sustainable businesses. “We are proud of our positive impact on society and on our ecosystem”, she adds.

Though Anna is already working incredibly hard with her artistic business, she is not planning on slowing down anytime soon! She is currently working on a new and very innovative project that will help children with autism through classical dance. She’s also planning to expand her business with the creation of eco-apartments in the jungle for digital nomads that are looking for a more sustainable lifestyle and in contact with nature.

“For me, success is achieving a balance between work and personal life, enjoying what I do and feeling that I’m making a positive difference in the world. The more I help my community, the greater my sense of belonging to the Earth is! Also, being happy and loving is a key component of success”, Anna concludes.

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