Angel Fuchs is One of the Youngest Booking Artists and Event Planners in the Entertainment and Music Industry

Angel Fuchs is One of the Youngest Booking Artists and Event Planners in the Entertainment and Music Industry

Angel Fuchs is one the youngest booking artists in the entertainment industry. He is the connection between investors and clubs with artists and their teams to carry out events, shows, and tours.

When Angel arrived in the United States in the year 2021, he became interested in the music industry and began to surround himself with people who work in the industry, among them Alejandro Andrade who helped him to become known by booking artists.

This activity has allowed Angel to rub elbows with a great number of artists whose songs are played on all the radios of the country and the world on a daily basis such as Alexis y Fido, Noriel, Micro Tdh, Jhay Cortez, Mora, Lenny Tavarez, and Dj Luían.

The musical genre of reggaeton and in general urban music has marked a before and after in the history of the music industry so Angel, as well as many other young people of Hispanic origin, have seen the genre as something to be proud of.

In recent years, reggaeton has transcended in an incredible way, and I think it is something that many Latinos are proud of. I feel that this work always reminds me of where I am, who I am, and my beginnings. My motto is ‘pa’ la cultura’ because I feel that this is something to be proud of our roots and it helps us connect as Latinos wherever we are.” Angel shares.

Some of the biggest obstacles Angel has faced include his migration process to the United States, and entering the music industry right after migrating. He has been able to overcome them because he understands that he is in a country full of opportunities, where he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to with persistence.

Angel manages to stand out from other booking artists and event planners because he is not only a booker, but he also offers his friendship to the people he surrounds himself with such as the artists and their work teams. This has opened many doors for him.

Recently, in the month of August of this year Angel partnered with the record label Aplus Record located in the state of Utah. This record label is in charge of recruiting new Latin talent around the United States and gives them the opportunity to perform as elite artists with sound engineers, producers, professional studios, and much more.

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