Andre Rabb-Patterson, Better Know As Dre Mega, Is a Successful Entrepreneur Who Is Revolutionizing The Industry By Working Hard

<strong>Andre Rabb-Patterson, Better Know As Dre Mega, Is a Successful Entrepreneur Who Is Revolutionizing The Industry By Working Hard</strong>

Many people define entrepreneurs as people who run a business venture that brings about innovation, and takes on most of its risk and reward. But it’s so much more than that, isn’t it? It’s about passion. It’s about recognizing opportunities and generating innovative, creative ideas. It’s about laser focus. It’s about letting go of fear—especially when it comes to failure. This is the story of Andre Rabb-Patterson, a successful entrepreneur who has been in the industry for many years.

Andre has been in the garment, t-shirts business for over 20 years. Under the brand Dre Mega Inc he runs a youth basketball program, a one court facility, a media company and a t-shirts business. He also recently created a youth sports application that will be released in 2023.

“I started selling candy to my friends in the 6th grade. Business is all about learning, losing and getting better. I pride myself on working hard and doing the things most people wouldn’t do.  My story is unique because I’ve failed some many times and I’m still at it. I’ve done networking, sales, online commercials, legal services, shoes, weight loss shakes, bitcoin mining and affiliate marketing”, Andre shares.

He was motivated to start the entrepreneurial journey by his family and the freedom that money can provide if you have enough. He wanted more so he could give back more, that desire has always been in his DNA and led him to strive for excellence. His grandfather 

was also a hustler so Andre decided to follow his steps a long time ago. In fact, one of his main goals is to leave a legacy for his children and he works hard everyday toward that.

Andre manages to stand out from the crowd and make an impact by getting things done. How many times have we heard that hard work is the key to success? Probably a lot, and it’s true. Hard work is key to success, and it’s for a variety of different reasons. It  shows commitment, confidence and self-discipline. Hard work pays off! For Andre, the harder he works, the faster he gets the results he wants. 

“I’m just going to outwork you. I’m like a robot when it comes to getting things done and focusing on a task. I believe that my gift is with engagement and conversation. If I’m able to interact with my clients and customers I can create a special experience”, he adds.

Of course, not everything has been easy in Andre’s path. He has had to overcome many obstacles, such as finances and learning how to use money, credit and investments. During his journey he has lost a lot of money simply because he was misguided by just not knowing enough about the business details, corporate structure needed, or even about a bad business partner. But he has never given up, quite the opposite: he took these obstacles as lessons to make him a better entrepreneur. As he explains, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!”

Andre knows that creating a successful and profitable business is not an easy job, and that’s why he advises all entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new business to find others who have done what they want to do and ask them as many questions as possible. A business mentor with experience in their field can make the most impact on the growth of any business. 

“Pick their brain, listen and take instruction. Work extremely hard and continue to learn. Research, along with guidance from others can be extremely helpful. Use some of these free services available to new small businesses and follow the instructions. Nobody is getting rich overnight, so follow the steps. You can’t take a shortcut to success, so stay pushing forward” Andre recommends.

His future plans are very exciting! He is currently working on branding his “Blessed” shirts and hoodies and on a new website that details all the things Dre Mega Inc is part of. He will also be involved with a partnership with AT Sports LLC and the Jr. NBA in 2023 in Sacramento, CA. In addition, Andre wants to start a media company, along with finishing his own “story” with his team. Ambitious, right? In fact, there is nothing this entrepreneur sets out to do that he can’t achieve!

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