All-on-four: A dental treatment that will change your life.

All-on-four: A dental treatment that will change your life.

Doctor José Luis Morales is one of the 5 most recognized specialists in the All-on-four implant technique worldwide. 

This treatment is mainly indicated in older people where the strength of their bite is decreased and in certain situations in which, due to lack of bone, it is not possible to place implants without previously performing bone grafts. 

Its implementation entails a high-level specialization, so it is extremely important to go with an expert in the field. 

Recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) and by the World Dental Federation (FDI), José Luis Morales Saldaña pointed out that the purpose of dental implants is for patients to enjoy functional and esthetic teeth that most closely resemble possible to a natural denture. 

“As specialists, we always seek that the surgical procedure is of the best possible quality, with the intention that patients can be guaranteed a good job that lasts a long time,” explained the doctor who graduated from the University of Rome, by ILAPEO Brazil in high specialty and by IPENO pos em Odontologia, as the most outstanding specialist in dental implants. 

Currently, José Luis Morales offers services at Dental Clinic Cancun, one of the fastest growing destinations in dental tourism.