Alejandra Gomez Owns Her Own Beauty Studio and is Teaching Others To Learn How To Do Make Up and Launch Their Own Businesses

Alejandra Gomez Owns Her Own Beauty Studio and is Teaching Others To Learn How To Do Make Up and Launch Their Own Businesses

The cosmetics industry has also evolved to offer a large number of different products to achieve the desired effect. Alejandra Gomez is a cosmetologist and owner of a Bebella Studio, which offers makeup, hair and other beauty services and products.

Alejandra is also a specialist in hair color and extensions and also teaches makeup. She is an entrepreneur who always thinks about her personal development and her progress to become completely independent.

At the beginning, she worked in a furniture store for 7 years. When the owners of that business worsened the working conditions, Alejandra decided to unleash her talents and launch her own business.

“The biggest challenge at the beginning was financials because I did not have enough resources to be able to take the classes I needed. I always thought that I could do it, and indeed, I was able to sell accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, T-shirts and from there get enough resources for my classes.” Alejandra shares.

Now that she launched Bebella Studio, Alejandra recognizes that fear sometimes can motivate people and push them forward to improve what they do at work. This helps her have the right mindset when growing her business.

“My advice to people trying to start their own business is to have a lot of patience. It is always hard to start a business from scratch. Consistency is the most important thing.” She states.

For Alejandra, success is when her clients and students are happy with her work and are able to benefit from it. What distinguishes Alejandra from her competitors is her professionalism and the type of makeup she does, always innovating and using new tools and techniques.

I think my clients have always told me my professionalism and the type of makeup I do as I am always up to date. My makeup is done entirely with an airbrush. I always do shadows, eyebrow shaping, eyeliner, foundation and contouring on my clients entirely with an airbrush.” Alejandra explains.

In the near future, Alejandra hopes to be able to reach more artists and expand her makeup classes because she believes that can teach other generations of beauty professionals to become independent and own their own businesses.

For the near future, Alejandra is focused on continuing to expand her makeup classes because as she says “it helps other generations to be independent and owners of their own business“.

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