Alberto Navarro, Co-Founder of Grupo Ancla, Is One Of The Tops Marketers in Latin America That Is Making A Positive Impact In Today’s Society

Alberto Navarro, Co-Founder of Grupo Ancla, Is One Of The Tops Marketers in Latin America That Is Making A Positive Impact In Today’s Society

Alberto Navarro is quite an amazing entrepreneur, businessman and marketing specialist. He is the co-founder of Grupo Ancla, a marketing and technology company that scales businesses through digital funnels and specializes in digital traffic and business models. They create projects that make the audiences of content creators profitable through online education, and they have collaborated with creators such as Mauricio Benoist, Carlos Rizo, Rodrigo Romeh, among other leaders in the Spanish-speaking market!

Each of Grupo Ancla‘s partners, Alberto and Roy, has a personal background in the areas of marketing, hacking, technology, blogging and e-commerce. Little by little, they began their first contacts with the digital world and in sales. Some time later, Ancla emerged as an e-commerce company with products imported from China. They specialized in digital traffic, funnels and copywriting, which allowed them to be top sellers on Amazon, Mercado Libre and to be the official distributors of the Funko POP brand!

“Then we discovered the huge opportunity to use these skills in the education sector. We worked with a content creator and helped him to expand his message, to expose his results, to automate his business… and we found a much bigger purpose: to help people have a better life! We achieve this through the educational programs that we launch with the creators that we collaborate with”, Alberto explains.

After 3 months, Alberto and Roy achieved the Hotmart Moon Award and they decided that Grupo Ancla’s focus would be to help thousands of people with educational programs from creators specialized in their niches. What’s more, they created the Conversion Marketing Club, an online space where they share experiences for marketers, entrepreneurs and content creators who want to scale their businesses.

At the age of 21, Alberto and Roy have managed to direct multiple campaigns that have sold more than 1,000,000 dollars. They went from consuming free marketing content to having an important place at the table of the Big Players, even sharing the stage with them!

Currently, their launches are always at the top of Hotmart, they are part of several Masterminds with benchmarks in the European, Brazilian and Spanish-speaking markets and they run a club where they share all their experience with entrepreneurs.

“No one in the Spanish market does what we do. Of course, there are experts in digital traffic, experts in funnels, experts in copywriting, experts in launches, but who is an expert in all that and more? Grupo Ancla only! We are surrounded by the best. We are that holistic solution that even the big marketers turn to to have a 3rd point of view or to ask for help on a specific topic”, Alberto adds.

Additionally, their team has a lot of experience and they benefit from the fact that few Spanish-speaking companies have scaled digital businesses while keeping them profitable as Grupo Ancla have done.

“One of our greatest successes has been crisis management. When the pandemic began, all the businessmen decided to stop their operations and not to invest in marketing. We scaled the info products business like never before! And I think that has been what mainly differentiates us from the rest: we are not afraid to invest in training or in opportunities that we see in the market”, Alberto details.

At present, Alberto and Roy have been the youngest people to become Platinum Members of the Launch Formula Mastermind, the most recognized digital marketing strategy. Grupo Ancla is also the first Mexican company to be in the highest circles of info products sales in Europe.

Without a doubt, Grupo Ancla is a reference when it comes to marketing and launchings in the Spanish-speaking market! In actual fact, Alberto and Roy’s group mentoring is already full until 2024 and they have a great launch calendar with giant content creators in the market.

“Our main goal now is to increase the results of what already works and to share our experience in the club that we created. I’m sure that we will make the number 1 community of marketing enthusiasts and entrepreneurs! In the coming years, we also want to put conversion marketing in the mind and in the strategies of all businessmen in Latin America”, Alberto describes.

To find out more about Alberto, follow him on Instagram here. You can also check out Grupo Ancla’s website here.