Adriana Rozo Is The Successful Strategist, Transformational Leader, Entrepreneur & Speaker We All Should Be Listening To. Learn More Here!

Adriana Rozo Is The Successful Strategist, Transformational Leader, Entrepreneur & Speaker We All Should Be Listening To. Learn More Here!

Writer and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” In one brief statement, Emerson sums up the importance of leadership and how leaders can help others achieve great things. Leadership isn’t about holding authority over someone else. It’s about positively influencing people to reach new heights. The mission of a leader is important because it helps people realize their potential and develop new skills. Additionally, those without a leader often have no direction and face stagnation.

The truth is that leadership serves several crucial functions to the success of any organization. While a business may have people with various talents and capabilities, it is leadership that harnesses individual efforts toward the collective goal. By inspiring and motivating teams and coordinating personal actions for the advancement of a common goal, leaders help their companies achieve excellence. Also, people have a natural disposition to follow a leader.

In that context, Adriana Rozo-Angulo is a born leader, an amazing businesswoman and a successful entrepreneur. She is the president and founder of MAS Connections, a business consultancy company founded in 2011 that offers comprehensive services, based on risk analysis to companies that need the flexibility to change quickly, responding to any disruption in the market both internally and externally.

“With a focus on process improvement, change management and strategic thinking, at MAS Connections we help businesses and individuals navigate the unpredictable landscape of today’s world with simplicity as a strategy”, Adriana explains.

She and her company stand out from the crowd because of Adriana’s natural leadership skills and passion for change. In fact, she always finds solutions quickly and knows what steps to take to achieve the goal in the most effective way. What’s more, using the Simplicologia Program she created, Adriana has adapted the problem-solving and process improvement techniques used in business to simplify the lives of executives by finding shortcuts and more efficient ways to carry out day-to-day operational processes both in business and in personal life!

“I have always felt that leadership is in my DNA. Since I was little I have always been frustrated to see how people get too complicated or do not see the most effective way to do something, but only when I understood that not everyone had the ability to see things in a simple way was when I began to think of ways to help others. This became the big differentiator in my professional career”, Adriana adds.

To get to where she is today, Adriana has had to face difficulties including the diagnosis of her son with seizures a year and a half after founding MAS Connections. This was a very difficult time for her, where she spent many nights in the hospital sleeping in a chair. In order to overcome this difficult situation, Adriana used a powerful weapon: her mindset. 

“Having a purpose and a positive mindset is the difference between you succeeding or failing at the first setback. Mindset influences your attitude, perspective, and approach, which in turn affects how you approach challenges and run your business”, she shares.

MAS Connections relies on strategic thinking to create a road map for a creative and effective process that harnesses change and positions any business for growth. They have over a decade of experience and have become well-known for their end-to-end business process efficiency, change management  and application of Lean Six Sigma principles.

In 2022 Adriana also created the Simplicologia Program, an innovative concept that helps you become more agile, responsive and adaptable, allowing you to have more time, energy and money. The program has been a complete success and has positioned her, even more, as a leader and benchmark within the industry.

She has big plans and goals for 2023, since she’s expanding MAS Connections services to Latin American and Spain, and growing the business like never before.

“In addition, we are offering a new risk assessment service for AI implementations. As a business consultancy, we understand the importance of keeping up with technological advances and incorporating them into operations. We use the standards of ISO 31000, ISO/IEC 23053:2022 Framework for Artificial Intelligence Systems, and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, to ensure our risk management approach is comprehensive and effective”, Adriana adds.

On a personal level, this year she also launched “Cambium” a program that she is creating with her husband in which they share the rollercoaster of how they got to where they are as a couple, professionals, dedicated to community work, with two children one entering college and the other already graduated.

Without a doubt, her story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to female entrepreneurs, but to all of us. To find out more about her work, check out MAS Connections’ website here. You can also check Adriana’s website here.