A Real Estate Investor, Nightlife Expert and Much More, Hassan Chowdhury is an Entrepreneur Making Waves in Three Different Industries.

A Real Estate Investor, Nightlife Expert and Much More, Hassan Chowdhury is an Entrepreneur Making Waves in Three Different Industries.

Many people hone one particular craft and make it their hobby or their work for the rest of their lives. To be good at multiple things is something not common amongst everyone; and to be excellent at many things is even more rare. Hassan Chowdhury is one of these incredible people.

With the dynamic mixture of hospitality in New York City, real estate in Florida and Private Aviation world-wide, Hassan Chowdhury has made a meaningful impact on the world of luxury hospitality, travel and entertainment.

Hassan’s story begins at Berkeley College in New York where he graduated in 2018 and then headed into the world of entrepreneurship.

“I showed interest in the hospitality industry in New York City, home to some of the world’s most popular Restaurants and Nightclubs. I began my career as an Image Promoter for hot spots in Manhattan, then quickly succeeded in hosting my own popular events and parties in partnership with the Top Nightlife spots in the City including Lavo Nightclub and Fleur Room Rooftop,” Hassan recounts.

Not even the pandemic could slow down Hassan who, during the pandemic, was hitting his stride even more. He founded Bouge Villas, which is a luxury villa short term rental company and made his way into high-end Florida real estate turning it into colossal success.

“I think what makes our business different at Bouge Villas is that we provide our custom designed luxury villas to our clients with all sorts of luxury amenities that we can possibly add to each villa. We have flexible pricing, we have something for everyone by that I mean we have a larger demographic as our target market for example our price point starts at around $500 per night for one villa in Miami,FL but could go as high as $3500 a night for a villa in the Hamptons, NY where we recently expanded our portfolio,” Hassan explains.

However, this still isn’t even all that Hassan does. In addition, he also owns and operates his own private jet charter company, Meta Fly Club, in partnership with the world famous Jet Management and Charter conglomerate M2Jets. The partnership has given the newly founded company access to a fleet of luxury aircraft spanning the globe to shuttle his celebrity clients without delay on a moment’s notice.

Hassan doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Hassan details what he has in mind for the future:

“Apart from my plans to expand my real estate portfolio on a larger scale globally,my vision is to advance Meta Fly Club to global success, offering flexible Membership terms for private travelers and be the first Private Jet Company to introduce memberships via NFTs.”

To find out more about all that Hassan does, follow him on instagram here and his website here.