A Moment and Friend in His Life Convinced Jeff Corriolan to Finally Give Real Estate a Try. Find Out More Below.

A Moment and Friend in His Life Convinced Jeff Corriolan to Finally Give Real Estate a Try. Find Out More Below.

Life often takes us in interesting directions including ones we never thought were possible or that we never had an interest in. For Jeff Corriolan, he was convinced that he would never be a part of the real estate industry even telling his parents that it was not for him until life had other plans for him!

“Funny story! I never had an interest in real estate. My parents told me to get into it at the age of 18 and that was a flat out NO. Only to turn around and do it at the age of 19, due to my friend being in the business. As of today, my motivation comes from the relationships I am able to build from my clients/customers and colleagues. To put someone into a home for the first time, or to see their dreams truly be accomplished. That is what my goal is all about,” Jeff recounts.

Even though it was not originally in his cards, Jeff now runs a real estate business that has created 35 million in production this past year and boasts a team of over 25 agents around the United States. The reason why Jeff has been so successful and able to differentiate himself from others is that he shows up every day for himself and for his clients.

“I wake up each and every day and I go to work. This business allows you so much free time, that if you aren’t clear with your objectives you can get lost in everyone else’s schedule. My goal is to impact as many agents and clients that are out there,” Jeff explains.

Jeff has been incredibly successful in the real estate world, but his journey to the top has not been without obstacles. The biggest one, as with many other real estate agencies, is the fluctuation of the market. Real estate and the market in general are incredibly difficult to predict as prices and demand rise and fall sometimes unexpectedly and drastically.

“Biggest obstacle I find myself running into at times is dealing with the challenging real estate market. With the need for more inventory; homes for sales, buyers are finding themselves losing out on homes. Our buyers are increasing their price range up to 20, 30, 50k and still having challenges,” Jeff states.

What has helped Jeff throughout his journey and the ups and downs of the market was his mindset. Like with many other entrepreneurs, Jeff’s mindset was crucial in setting the right tone and pace in an increasingly competitive and difficult industry.

“As a guy that journal writes and meditates daily. I think mindset is key for interacting with others, getting your tasks complete and staying focused. Not having the right mindset will ruin your day. For myself, being successful is continuing to challenge yourself and continuing to push. You can make it to the top!” Jeff details.

Continuing to gather up more properties and buying and selling more real estate is what is on the docket for the new year for Jeff. To keep up with all that he is doing in 2022, follow Jeff on instagram here and check out his website here.