A Military Man Turned Business Expert: This is the Story of Jay Han and His Incredible Desire to Help People.

A Military Man Turned Business Expert: This is the Story of Jay Han and His Incredible Desire to Help People.

Jay Han is a veteran who served in the Army for 18 years. During his service, it was clear to him and his commanders that he had a special talent for training people and mastering new skills that led him to success. Jay has  trained thousands of Soldiers and continues to mentor and lead them in numerous capacities. He has opened up businesses for himself and as well as fellow service members. His goal is to become a millionaire and the mindset is to be innovative and change with the tides. 

“I have almost 18 years of service in the Army. I hold the current rank of First Sergeant. I have always loved to help people with my speciality of fitness, that is why the Army sent me to Master Fitness Trainer course. Train harder than you have to, at the end the actual event will be nothing. When I learn something, I master it. I love to share this knowledge with my Soldiers and friends so that everyone can become better versions of themselves,” Jay recounts.

This knack and knowledge that Jay possesses is what led him to begin his first steps into the world of business, begin his company Innovative Jump, and help people gain skills and knowledge to scale up their own companies. Jay’s business offers numerous opportunities for people in the form of e-courses, direct lines to him, and everything in between including free workouts. In addition to all that he does for people’s businesses, he also encourages mental and physical health. Working out is a huge part of his life and he incorporates it now as a stress relief and taking that well needed break to refresh people’s thoughts and go into each venture with a clear head. 

“I didn’t know what I was starting until I spoke with the many startups I am helping for free. I am a business incubator. We are scaling fast to a vast variety of services. We currently have over 15 services we provide or outsource to vetted professionals. We offer E courses to learn at their own pace, Virtual assistant services, Newsletters, Leaders app, Access to library of books and audio books, Direct line to me with any questions (all levels), and much more,” Jay states.

Throughout both his military career and his entrepreneurial career is a common thread that has tied both experiences with training and knowledge to each other and that is Jay’s love for helping people. Whether it is working in the master training program in the military or solving someone’s entrepreneurial problems, it is all about changing people’s lives.

“I have always loved helping people and getting them to where they need to go, whether that be talking and coaching them on what to do, or getting them the resources they need. I take pride in everything I do and care to see everyone succeed or get better,” Jay explains.

Jay has done more for others than he ever could have imagined and has been able to find financial freedom for himself in the process. His advice for those looking to get into the world of entrepreneurship is to run with their ideas. In other words, learn as you go, there really is no end to entrepreneurship; it’s a continuous process of learning, adapting and innovation. 

“When you have an idea, do everything possible to make it come to life. Set small goals each day, go old school and write it down on paper. Visualize it, get it done, do not throw away the paper until the task is completely done. It is important to see it so you can ground yourself when you feel like everything is up in the air and you do not know where to start. Make sure you do your research and make good judgement calls, learn from your mistakes, mimic successful people in your industry, make it your own. You truly have to understand and believe in everything you do,” Jay advises.

Jay has many new and exciting plans coming up in the new year. He is getting ready for a number of events and this is just the beginning. He details all that he is planning below:

“I am very excited to open up an event center where I can help local businesses by hosting quarterly business to business conventions. Launching my NFT collection where the utility associated with it would be full access to me and my courses, a chance to win a business; YES win an actual business. It will allow the NFT owner to utilize the NFT as a way to borrow money. Each NFT will have a life of its own, each owner will add to its life with their entrepreneurial journey, as they can switch up as they level up in gross revenue.”

In addition to these goals, Jay also has the goal of helping 500 service members open up their own businesses. To keep up with all that Jay is doing, follow him on instagram here. You can also reach him at his number +1704-237-6546, email him at info@innovativejump.com, or check out his facebook here.